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2009 Federal Budget

Recreational Infrastructure Canada (RInC)

The 2009 Federal Budget takes direct aim at the long standing infrastructure deficit in sport and recreation with a new, dedicated, $500 million fund, to be expended in the next 2 years, to renew and build facilities in our communities.

With specific references to the 1967 Centennial year building boom, the budget highlights in detail the need for “hockey arenas, soccer fields, tennis and basketball courts, and swimming pools” as examples for upgrading, renewal and building through this nationally delivered initiative.

The program will be a 50/50 matching initiative through regional development agencies (i.e. ACOA in Atlantic Canada) whereby provinces and municipalities, community sport organizations, and the private sector may all apply for matching funds where shovel ready projects exist.

3 big goals drive the new fund- economic stimulus, quality facilities, and national spirit. The allocation of funds will be based on merit and readiness accordingly.

Municipalities, First Nations, counties, communities and not-for-profit groups.


  • Result in economic stimulus.
  • Quality of the facility.
  • Evoke National spirit.

How to tap in
If you have determined that your project has merit and readiness you can contact your regional development agencies where funds the being delivered. New agencies will be created for areas like Southern Ontario. Keep in contact with your provincial, municipal and regional agencies in sport and recreation. They will know the most up to date information on RInC.

Are you ready?
If you want to tap into the RInC Fund it will be essential to have your project “shovel ready.” Your plans should be able to be initiated in two to ten months. Plans should be in place now or very soon to be sent for evaluation. There are resources out there than can help you prepare.

What does it mean to be “shovel ready”?
According to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities shovel ready refers to projects that do not appear in a municipality’s 2009 funded capital budget, but which could be started in 2009 with additional funding. Often they are projects that rehabilitate an existing building however new building that have in which significant design and regulatory requirements completed are also considered.

-Provided by Ian Bird, Sport Matters Group

  • For more information on the new RInC Fund please visit page 146 of Canada's Economic Action Plan
  • If you have questions on how the budget impacts the sport community submit them here.

Connecting with your Regional Development Agency to Access the new RInC funds

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