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Minto Skating Centre

Application Deadline: December 31, 2012   

Position: Shift Leader (Zamboni Driver)

Job Description:

Client Service Results
Provides ice services and building maintenance to The Minto Skating Centre, for MASK Management Consultants Ltd., the appropriate supervision and support of maintenance staff as well as timely, courteous service to Minto Skating Centre customers.

Essential Functions

Ice Services:
• Completes checklist and Log Book for Zamboni and Refrigeration Plant on a daily basis.
• Takes equipment readings as scheduled/required.
• Checks/verifies rink schedules.
• Checks and records ice thickness.
• Floods rinks.
• Edges and levels ice as required.
• Completes dressing room assignment board.
• Provides maintenance of Zamboni (including regular oil and filter changes) & all equipment as necessary.
• Maintains ice and arena to prescribed standards to ensure the safety of users. Ice maintenance involves awareness of ice conditions, watching for holes, ruts and foreign items on the ice.

Maintenance Services:
• Responsible for the timely opening or closing and securing of the facility.
• Recommends maintenance repairs to shift lead supervisor.
• Completes work orders in a timely fashion.
• Assists on-site contractors i.e. AC Mechanical, ACME Lock
• Investigates vandalism/thefts and reports to supervisor.
• Reports disturbances to management and/or police.
• Provides general maintenance (includes general repair – basic plumbing, carpentry, electrical and maintenance of emergency lighting).
• Performs necessary duties during state of alarm.
• Ensures grounds are properly cleaned and maintained.
• Removes snow from walkways, steps and entrances.
• Sands and salts walkways/sidewalks and secures sand/salt pail.
• Operates Kubota.
• Ensures garbage/recycle bins are out for pick up.
• Maintain “Equipment Maintenance Repair Book”
• Maintains equipment and completes reports of any equipment that requires follow up or repair.
• Checks lighting interior and exterior.
• Responsible for the storage and maintenance of equipment and supplies.
• Maintains general security, ensuring doors are properly secured and alarm system armed/disarmed.
• Checks supplies
• Completes requests (in writing) for additional supplies

Client Services:
• Collects, records, secures/submits to Accounting/Administrative clerk all casual ice rental payments.
• Responds to customer inquiries.
• Investigates client complaints, rectifying if possible and reporting others to management.
• Handles all complaints in a timely and professional manner.
• Checks/inspects all change rooms and washrooms to ensure standards are maintained.
• Assists in the set-up and take down of furniture/equipment for special events (i.e. Birthday Parties, League Meetings).
• Other duties as required to maintain a safe, clean, successful operation.
• Due to the nature of the business the Zamboni/Shift Lead often must act as the Company’s representative in terms of customer relations.

• Reports, in writing (with copy to file) and verbally, incidences of vandalism, thefts, disturbances and customer complaints to management indicating time, date and action taken and recommended follow-up if applicable.
• Ensures the maintenance of a clean and safe environment in order to secure the well being of all customers and staff of the Centre.
• Supervises the work of maintenance employees, (full and part-time) cleaning and maintenance workers. The work involves assigning tasks, monitoring and evaluating work, motivating and maintaining moral. Continually checks to ensure methods of operation, procedures and predetermined standards are followed/maintained. Establishes and promotes a healthy and safe work environment and informs staff and Occupational Health & Safety Committee member of health and safety requirements.
• As required, collects ice rental payments from customers and ensures that collected revenue is properly recorded and secured until submitted to Accounting/Administrative Clerk.
• With approval of Supervisor, purchases supplies/equipment/machinery. Submits all invoices and purchase orders to Accounting Department.
• Maintains an inventory/record (including location) of all supplies, equipment and machinery. The proper maintenance of all supplies and equipment affects the daily operation of the building.
• Responsible for the use, care and general maintenance of office equipment (i.e. computer) reference material, office supplies and reports for the performance of the work.

Other related functions apply under all headings.


• Knowledge of Zamboni Operation and Ice Maintenance which is usually acquired with a minimum of 2 years experience.
• Class B Refrigeration License is an asset.
• Must possess a Propane Handling Certificate (ROT).
• Knowledge of First Aid and CPR.
• Basic knowledge of material equipment and machinery maintenance, as well as repair and disposal practices to make effective use of MASK assets.
• Basic knowledge of plumbing, carpentry and electrical.
• Knowledge of security procedures for handling and storage of monies, supplies, equipment and machinery.
• Knowledge of planning and prioritizing techniques to organize own workload.
• Basic knowledge of WHIMIS Standards as well as the Ontario Health & Safety Act.
• Speaking skills to respond to inquiries/concerns from customers/staff who possess varying abilities to understand clearly what is being said.
• The tone of spoken and written messages, especially with customers, is very important and must be carefully fashioned to convey the right message.
• Listening and reading skills to understand requests/concerns from customers/staff who may not be able to express their requests clearly (language restrictions).
• Listening skills and the ability to interpret body language are required to interpret and understand questions and concerns from customers, staff, and management.
• Reading the body language of customers, staff, management to interpret the true meaning and requirements of the inquiries.
• Dexterity, hand eye coordination and precision are required to operate Zamboni, machinery and equipment.
• Dexterity and hand eye coordination are required for the proper maintenance of equipment and cleaning of building when required.
• Good sensory skills are required to sense any ammonia leaks, propane leaks, etc.

• Effort is needed to deal with various activities concurrently, to prioritize and to reorganize multiple tasks. This work is performed on an ongoing basis, under pressure and made more difficult by the interruptions from the customers, staff, management and telephone calls.
• Effort is needed to interpret the meaning of manager, staff and customer inquiries to ensure appropriate responses. This is made more difficult by the interruptions from customers, staff, telephone calls, imposed deadlines and conflicting priorities by different managers.
• Visual and sustained attention is required during rink floods, edging and leveling of ice ensuring the quality and consistency of ice. Time constraints and disruptions from managers, staff and customers could disrupt concentration and result in poor ice quality or injury.
• Sustained listening attention to detail when taking information/complaints from customers. Inattention could result in inappropriate action and customer dissatisfaction.
• There is a requirement to remain impartial, calm, composed and professional when responding to frequent complaints, concerns and demands, within time constraints, from managers, staff and/or customers who are sometimes impatient and irritated. There is no control on the occurrence, frequency or duration or how they express their frustration or emotions.
• Repetitive, monotonous duties require emotional discipline to remain alert and focused. There is no control over the frequency and the duration of this activity.
• Routine operation/maintenance of equipment (i.e. Zamboni, Kubota) may take up to five hours per day.
• Heavy lifting is required in the day to day operations of the Maintenance Department. It is imperative that the proper techniques, as outlined in the Health & Safety Guidelines are used.

Working Conditions:
• Continuous daily exposure to equipment noise (i.e. Zamboni) with interruptions from telephone calls, customers, management and staff.
• Exposure to varied temperatures with interruptions and conflicting demands on time.
• The work is subject to interruptions from management, staff, customers, telephone calls, exposure to complaints, time constraints, multiple demands and, on occasion, irritated or impatient persons.
• The work involves having to deal with increased workloads, imposed deadlines, multiple and conflicting demands and heavy and unpredictable workloads during tournaments, camps and special events.
• Multiple demands, conflicting priorities, time constraints and occasional exposure to impatient or irritated persons, can result in stress and mental fatigue.
• Operating equipment and machinery could result in injury.
• Extended periods of maintenance/cleaning duties could result in a risk of inducing body fatigue/injuries and related joint injuries.
• Bending, lifting and stretching is required in the daily operation of the Maintenance Department and could result in strained or pulled muscles.

Hours of Work:
• Normal hours are eight to ten hours per day.
• Part-time typically averages 20 and full-time 40 hours per week.
• The job occasionally requires irregular and extended hours and being on-call.

Apply: Interested candidates should email their resume to or drop it off at the MASK Management office located inside the Minto Skating Centre during normal business hours. Only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

Contact Information:
Terry Gilmer
Minto Skating Centre
2571 Lancaster Rd
Ottawa , ON, Canada
K1B 4L5


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