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Fortius Sport & Health

Application Deadline: January 6, 2013   

Position: Applied Biomechanist, Lab & Testing Services

Job Description:
The Fortius Institute is seeking top sport medicine and exercise science practitioners from multiple disciplines who desire to work in an integrated environment, in a collaborative way and with an over-arching commitment to innovation. If you are an applied biomechanist who is interested in joining a team where everyone is committed to best practices in prevention, performance, treatment, education and research and the delivery of integrated services and programs we would love to hear from you.

Role Summary
Under the direction of the Applied Sport and Exercise Science leadership team and working with the Human Performance Lab Team, the Applied Biomechanist, Lab & Testing Services will be responsible for conducting biomechanical analyses in the HPL, including Running and Walking analyses. The Applied Biomechanist, Lab & Testing Services will be responsible for the recruitment of subjects for research when required and complete product testing/work-for-hire projects for Industry partners. This individual must be open to working in an integrated laboratory setting alongside Exercise Physiologists.

- Responsible for data collection and processing for on-going biomechanical clinical services, research studies and product testing for Industry partners
- Responsible for the processing of biomechanical data using QTM software, Visual 3D, SPSS and MatLab
- Assist the Applied Sport and Exercise Science leadership team in developing an upper extremity program that supports the needs of the Professional Practice in obtaining product testing contracts from Industry partners
- Assist the Applied Sport and Exercise Science leadership team in the maintenance of Biomechanical laboratory equipment
- Collaborate with Exercise Physiologists and others in the Professional Practice as required
- Contribute to the on-going initiatives of the HPL Team to create and conduct relevant research projects of the HPL that lead to innovative prevention and treatment interventions
- Other duties may be assigned as required

Qualifications, Skills & Experience:
- M.Sc. degree in Applied Biomechanics, or related field
- 2-4 years of experience working in a Biomechanics Lab
- Experience collecting data using Qualisys motion analysis, AMTI force platforms, instrumented treadmills and EMG
- Proficiency using Visual 3D and MatLab software programs
- Proficiency with Microsoft Office computer applications (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Project)
- Expertise in lower extremity biomechanics and data collection instrumentation and data processing
- Clinical experience in Sports Medicine is an asset

As a member of the Fortius Institute team, employees must consistently demonstrate the following:
- Delivery of an exceptional client service experience
- Commitment to collaboration and integration with Institute colleagues
- Stay active in professional development and maintain current expert knowledge in the field
- Embody a philosophy of professionalism, excellence, health and wellness at all times
- Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills
- Effective use of time and resources
- Service and results oriented - Able to work in a diverse, fast-paced and dynamic environment

Contact Information:
Keri Fairfield
Fortius Sport & Health
Vancouver , BC, Canada


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