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Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon

Application Deadline: January 21, 2013   Starting Date: February 4, 2013


Job Description:
___________________________________________________ The Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon is an annual event, based in Halifax, focused around a Marathon that celebrates a year of healthy living and active lifestyles.

A professional General Manager is engaged on a year-round basis to plan and execute all elements of the Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon, supported by a Volunteer Organizing Committee comprised of 8 Committee Chairs and over 1,200 volunteers. Additional resource is required in the role of Coordinator, Event Services and Support.

The position/role is an ideal career-building opportunity. Management of the project is based in Halifax. The successful candidate will work at the Blue Nose event office in Halifax.


• Administration support and management at the Event Office,
• Effective and timely management of the flow of customer contact through phone, fax ,email
• Administrative support for the bi-weekly Organizing Committee meetings
• Operating support to Event’s General Manager
• Liaison and support for all 8 Committee Chairs
• Organize and manage the delivery of promotional materials
• Assistance with follow-up on sales for registration and sponsorship
• Coordinate follow-up support to the Volunteer Committee’s recruitment plan
• Support and assist planning for and use of all event facilities
• Database entry assistance for volunteer sign up and race entries
• Assistance to the Race Director in a variety of race planning duties

Reporting Relationships

• Accountable to the General Manager via the Event Coordinator
• Second level accountability and reporting relationship to the Event Coordinator
• Responsible to Committee Chairs for assistance and support


The successful candidate will experience an outstanding opportunity to develop career-building benefits.

• Direct access to senior business leaders in Nova Scotia and the region
• Development of team-building and team-working skills
• Development of multi-tasking skills
• Increased efficiency in computer skills particularly in the area of database management and desktop publishing
• Development of self confidence and self assuredness


• Excellent inter-personal and organizational skills
• Ability to work with limited supervision
• Self-starter with multi-tasking capabilities
• Reliable and dependable with a high energy level
• High level of IT skills, p articularly in the area of database management and Office software
• Previous event organization experience a definite asset
• Personal vehicle and valid drivers license highly desirable

Salary Range: $15/hr

Type of Position:
Part Time - Intern / co-op

Contact Information:
Sue Newhook
Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon
205, 3600 Kempt Road
Halifax , NS, Canada
B3K 4X8
Tel. 902 496 1889
Fax. 902 492 2888


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