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Fast and Female

Application Deadline: January 7, 2013   Starting Date: January 14, 2013

Position: Executive Director

Job Description:
Want to make a difference in the lives of girls in sports? Fast and Female is seeking an Executive Director

Fast and Female is a not-for-profit society started in 2005 by Chandra Crawford, 2006 Olympic gold medalist in cross-country skiing. The organization's mission is to ensure that girls remain supported, motivated, inspired, empowered to stick to sports and the healthy lifestyle. Fast and Female fulfills its mission of "Empowerment Through Sport" by hosting fun-filled, non-competitive initiatives all across North-America aimed at exposing young female athletes to inspiring female Olympians and elite level athletes. The young girls who attend Fast and Female events today will lead in the future, may it be as athletes, coaches, volunteers, parents, and community leaders. For more information about Fast and Female, visit

Executive Director (reports to President and Chairman of the Board)


The Executive Director is responsible for the efficient and effective management and oversight of the organization's global operations, including finances, budgeting, programming, marketing, communications, merchandising, fundraising, and staffing. The Executive Director shall ensure that all operations are consistent with the standards set by the Board.


Strategy/High level planning
o Oversee the short and longer term planning of Fast and Female programming (events, web-based programming, target groups ¡V youth, coaches, parents, ambassadors).
o Interfaces with Fast and Female Founder and Board to map out a short-term and long term strategies.
o Plans out strategic initiatives and ensures optimal alignment with the interests of all Fast and Female stakeholders (participants, sponsors, donors).
o Develops strategic relations with key NSOs for the development and execution of programming.

o Plan out annual calendar of meetings.
o Prepare board meeting agendas and compile minutes.
o Prepare board meeting documents (management review, financials).

o Develops and maintains annual organizational budget as well as event-based budgets.
o Tracks and monitors all income and expenses on a daily basis.
o Issue cheques for invoices due.
o Interfaces with accountant to produce quarterly financial statements for internal purposes with the Board.
o Maintain appropriate relations with third party financial services (Moneris, PayPal, Eventbrite) for the collection of funds.

o Manage annual programming calendar.
o Establishes key contacts with local event hosting stakeholders.
o Effectively lead the planning, execution and debrief of Fast and Female events.
o Oversee the work of contractors involved in event planning, execution and debrief in other jurisdictions. (USA, Australia, Eastern Canada...) to ensure programming quality and consistency.
o Develop, deliver and maintain web-based programming (Fast and Female TV, Fast and Female Facebook page, Fast and Female Power Hour, Fast and Female e-Newsletter, Fast and Female Amazing Tips Seminars for Parents and Coaches, Fast and Female Ambassador program).
o Track programming impact assessment (survey monkey, testimonials...).

Communications, Marketing and Media Relations
o Maintain communications and marketing strategy for the organization as a whole and for the specific programming components (events, Fast and Female TV, Fast and Female Facebook page, Fast and Female Power Hour, Fast and Female e-Newsletter, Fast and Female Amazing Tips Seminars for Parents and Coaches, Fast and Female Ambassador program).
o Manage and optimize communications channels (website, Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube Channel).
o Ensure consistent usage of the Fast and Female brand guidelines.
o Develop and produce all marketing collateral (posters, logos, cards...).
o Develop and broadcast press releases relating to the organization and its programming.
o Develop and execute a strategy to ensure optimal media exposure for the organization and its supporters.

o Develop a strategy and oversee the successful execution of the retail merchandise program (online and event sales, inventory management, product replenishing, supplier relations, pricing strategies...).
o Develop a strategy and oversee the successful execution of the sponsor-raising and sponsor-retention program (maintain and update sponsor pitch documents, lead pitching initiatives, maintain relations with sponsors, identify prospective sponsors, ensure all contractual agreements with sponsors are fulfilled).
o Develop a strategy and oversee the successful execution of the donor-raising and donor-retention program (maintain and update donor pitch documents, lead pitching initiatives, maintain relations with donors, identify prospective donors, produce reporting documents to meet donors¡¦ needs and expectations).
o Develop a strategy and oversee the successful execution of in-king supplier contributors.
o Develop a strategy and oversee the successful execution of event-based fundraising initiatives (Sports Day in Canada, VIP cocktails, silent auctions...).
o Develop a strategy and oversee the successful application on grants.

Office and Operations
o Interface with third party to secure office space.
o Oversee resource management for contractors when necessary (computers...).
o Interface with key stakeholders for ensuring that the organization maintains appropriate insurance for events, retail program, and other.
o Ensures appropriate insurance coverage is in place for the organization's activities.
o Keeps abreast of legal and other liability issues that concern the organization.

3-5 years of progressive management experience
Academic background in sports management/ communications/marketing/business/special events
Strong events planning and hosting experience
Strong sport background (either as an athlete, coach, or as an event planner)
Strong comprehension of the sports system
Strong computer skills (Internet, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, website content management, social media platforms)
Strong interpersonal/people skills
Strong communication skills (ability to speak in public in front of large crowds)
Knowledge of legal and liability issues as they relate to event and brand management
Basic accounting
French/English bilingualism a strong asset
Must be willing to travel
Must be will to work on weekends and week nights

Extremely passionate about girls and sports
Strong ability to work independently
Team Player
Attention to details
Can-do attitude
Flexible mindset
Highly flexible time commitment
Positive attitude
Engaging leader

Contract position
4 days of work per week (32 hours per week)
2 weeks paid vacation
Salary $40,000 per year (paid out on the 15th and last day of each month = $3,333 per month / $1,666 paid out every second week)

Ideally Canmore, Alberta but open to other locations.

Please submit your resume and cover letter in complete confidence to prior to January 7, 2012 at midnight.

Salary Range: 40,000 per year

View Attachment: 2013executivedirectorjobweb.pdf

Contact Information:
Ted Kalil
Fast and Female
100-1995 Olympic Way
Canmore , AB, Canada
T1W 2T6
Tel. 514-878-7038


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