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Saskatchewan Games Council

Application Deadline: March 22, 2013   

Position: Aboriginal Games Consultant

Job Description:
Duties & Responsibilities:
• Provide a catalyst for Aboriginal leadership and participation through multi-sport games regionally, provincially and nationally.

• Facilitate inclusivity and work collaboratively with the Provincial Sport Governing Bodies, Tribal Councils, Districts and other key stakeholders to ensure Aboriginal participation in regional, provincial and national multi-sport games is encouraged and sustained.

• Develop relationships and consult with key stakeholders to enhance program access and services available through the Saskatchewan Games Council.

• Work closely with key stakeholders to develop policies, program strategies, processes and reporting systems to support Aboriginal participation in, and the hosting of multi-sport games.

• Actively participate on Boards and/or Committees that pertain to Aboriginal participation in, and the hosting of multi-sport games.

• Collaborate with client(s) and key stakeholders as necessary to resolve program or service issues.

• Work in a teamwork capacity to ensure high quality service is offered through the Saskatchewan Games Council.

• Support all Aboriginal multi-sport games hosted in Saskatchewan through the transfer of knowledge, best practices, resources and leadership.

• Attend meetings, events, etc. to present on and advocate for multi-sport games programs.

• Other duties as assigned by the Executive Director.

Note: In addition to the duties and responsibilities noted above the Aboriginal Games Consultant will assume a one-year secondment to the 2014 North American Indigenous Games Host Organizing Committee. The secondment will provide the Host Committee with a strong link to the resources of the Saskatchewan Games Council to assist in hosting a successful multi-sport games event as well as provide invaluable multi-sport games experience for the Aboriginal Games Consultant.

Type of Position:
Full Time - Employee

Contact Information:
Susan Schneider
Saskatchewan Games Council
700, 1777 Victoria Avenue
Regina , S4P 4K5
Fax. 306-780-9328


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