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Cosmos Sports Institute

Application Deadline: April 15, 2013   Starting Date: May 6, 2013

Position: Ticket Sales Trainee

Job Description:
Cosmos Sports Institute (CSI) is looking for five Ticket Sales Trainees. Once completing two weeks of extensive ticket sales training, the trainees will be placed in an entry-level ticket sales capacity with one of Cosmos Sports’ partners on a full time basis. Past/current partners include the Edmonton Oilers, Toronto Argonauts, Toronto Raptors, Hamilton Bulldogs, Toronto Marlies, and many more.

This position is for someone who is interested in beginning their career in the sports industry. You will be involved in driving the revenue of the team through seat renewals and new business.

5 reasons why CSI is right for you:
• You have a passion to work in sports.
• CSI is a unique and highly selective two week sports marketing course.
• Training that focuses on making an immediate impact in the sports business world.
• Highly experienced training staff that has worked with over 400 sports organizations.
• CSI gets you to the front of the line and guarantees you a job in sports.

Required Knowledge and Skills:
• Passion for sports and the business of sports;
• Commitment to integrity;
• Strong phone, verbal, and written communication skills;
• Superior work ethic;
• Results oriented mindset;
• Ability to work effectively as a team and independently;
• Leadership qualities;
• Creativity;
• Excellent time management and organizational skills; and
• Working knowledge of Microsoft Office applications and Photoshop is also an asset.

Please submit a personal statement on why tickets sales are right for you and a resume to the following:

Type of Position:
Course/Education: Ticket Sales Trainee leading to full time placement with a sports organization.

Contact Information:
Cosmos Sports Institute


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