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Toit Events

Application Deadline: April 12, 2013   Starting Date: May 6, 2013

Position: Volunteer Management Intern

Job Description:
The intern will work with the Operations staff to assist with the detailed planning and delivery of the events with a particular focus on the volunteer program. This position will be within the Operations team at TOIT Events Inc., however the intern can look forward to the opportunity of being exposed to all aspects of the business.

The Volunteer Management Intern can expect to be tackling any number of the projects outlined below.
- Design and management of the online volunteer database and recruitment system
- Develop event day volunteer job descriptions and training materials
- Influence the overall volunteer outreach and recruitment program across all 3 GranFondo events
- Research and engage with the local community to establish long lasting sustainable partnerships
- Design, implement and update social media content on all available platforms
- Operationally manage event day volunteer check in, training and deployment
- Development and production of the Volunteer Orientation Guide and Event Captain training materials
- Liaise with other areas of the company & participate in team meetings
- General administrative support for the Operations Team
- Other opportunities as assigned
- Completion of an Internship Report at the conclusion of your experience.

Salary Range: weekly honoraria of $150

Type of Position:
Full Time - Intern / co-op

View Attachment: Volunteer Management Intern (Job Description)

Contact Information:
Neil Macleod
Toit Events
1827 Victoria Diversion
Vancouver , BC, Canada
Tel. 604-568-8648 x220


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