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McGill's LeBlanc youngest player picked in CFL draft

McGill receiver Robert LeBlanc youngest player picked in 2005 CFL Canadian
Draft; chosen in fourth round by Edmonton Eskimos

MONTREAL -- McGill University receiver Robert LeBlanc, a management senior from Vancouver, was the youngest player chosen in the 2005 Canadian Football League entry draft Thursday. LeBalnc, who is 21 years and four months of
age, was selected by Edmonton in the fifth round, 40th overall.

"It was certainly a big day on my calendar as I wrote my last exam today," said LeBlanc. "To be finished with school and drafted the same day feels great."

A two-time all-star in the Quebec University Football League, the 6-foot-3, 191-pound slotback finished second among the league¹s reception leaders last season, despite playing with a broken thumb. In eight regular-season
contests, he snared 30 passes for 486 yards, a 16.5 average per catch, and four touchdowns. In 29 regular season games over his four years at McGill, LeBlanc caught 114 passes for 1,640 yards, a 13.7 average and eight TDs. In
five playoff games, he added another 17 receptions for 211 yards and one TD.

Thirty-three of the 53 players drafted were from Canadian Interuniversity Sport, including five in the first round. The Canada West league, which is composed of seven teams, produced 12 picks to lead all CIS conferences. The
10-team Ontario league had six players selected, followed by the six-team Quebec division with six and the four-team Atlantic conference with five. The remaining 20 players were picked from NCAA institutions.

Laval defensive end Miguel Robede was first overall and one of five players chosen from the Rouge et Or, establishing a Quebec conference single-school record. The McMaster Marauders and Saskatchewan Huskies each had four
players drafted and Manitoba had three. McMaster¹s Jesse Lumsden, the Hec Crighton trophy winner who signed with the NFL¹s Seattle Seahawks last week, went sixth overall to Hamilton.

In 2003, LeBlanc was the Quebec conference nominee for the Russ Jackson trophy, awarded annually to the player who best combines football with academics and community service. He is a four-time Academic All-Canadian and
honouree on the Principal¹s student-athlete honour roll.

LeBlanc enrolled at McGill in 2001, made the Redmen as a 17-year-old out of Vancouver College and quickly landed a starting role. In 2002, he and his brother V.J., had the unique distinction of being the first set of brothers
in McGill history to earn all-conference and Academic All-Canadian status in the same season.

LeBlanc will be one of seven McGill players attending a pro camp this year. He joins J.P. Darche (Seattle), Randy Chevrier (Calgary), Val St. Germain (Ottawa), Samir Chahine (Ottawa), Mike Mahoney (Saskatchewan) and Jim
Merrick (Hamilton).

Earl Zukerman, Communications Officer, McGill Athletics (514) 398-7012

CIS players selected in 2005 CFL Canadian Draft:

First round

Miguel Robede, Laval, DT, 1st by Calgary
Mark O¹Meara, McMaster, OL, 3rd by Saskatchewan
Matthieu Proulx, Laval, DB, 5th by Montreal
Jesse Lumsden, McMaster, RB, 6th by Hamilton
Nathan Hoffart, Saskatchewan, SB, 7th by Saskatchewan

Second Round

Godfrey Ellis, Acadia, OL, 10th by Calgary
Jeff Piercy, Saskatchewan, RB, 12th by Montreal
Philippe Audet, Laval, DL, 14th by Toronto
Fabio Filice, McMaster, OL, 15th by Hamilton
Philippe Gauthier, Laval, DB, 16th by Montreal
Pierre Tremblay, Laval, OL, 17th by B.C.
Jeff Keeping, Western, SB, 18th by Toronto

Third Round

John Comiskey, Windsor, OL, 19th by Calgary
Les Mullings, Saint Mary¹s, RB, 20th by Ottawa
Tim O¹Neill, Calgary, OL, 22nd by Edmonton
David Lowry, Alberta, LB, 25th by B.C.

Fourth Round

Kyler Jukes, Regina, DL, 27th by Calgary
Scott Mennie, Manitoba, LB, 29th by Winnipeg
Jeremy Steeves, StFX, S, 32nd by Hamilton
Mike Ray, McMaster, K, 33rd by Montreal
Sebastian Clovis, Saint Mary¹s, S, 34th by B.C.
Tye Smith, Manitoba, OL, 35th by Toronto

Fifth Round

David Hewson, Manitoba, DB, 36th by Calgary
Adrian Baird, Ottawa, DL, 37th by Ottawa
Dustin Cherniawski, UBC, DB, 39th by Saskatchewan
Robert LeBlanc, McGill, WR, 40th by Edmonton
Iain Fleming, Queen¹s, SB, 41st by Hamilton
Curt Hundeby, Saskatchewan, OL, 42nd by Montreal
Bryan Crawford, Queen¹s, RB, 44th by Toronto

Sixth Round

Brett Ralph, Alberta, WR, 45th by Calgary
Ryan Gottselig, Saskatchewan, DL, 48th by Saskatchewan
Karl Ortmanns, Acadia, OL, 52nd by B.C.
Ian Forde, Waterloo, WR, 53rd by Toronto

Number of CIS players selected by round (33 total):

First round: 5
Second round: 7
Third round: 4
Fourth round: 6
Fifth round: 7
Sixth round: 4

2004 CFL Draft Selections

No. Player Team POS HT WT BIRTHDATE Age College

Round 1

1. ROBEDE, Miguel Calgary DE 6.04 280 30-Jun-81 23 Laval
2. YEOW, Cam Ottawa LB 6.01 230 02-Mar-79 25 Akron
3. O'MEARA, Matt Saskatchewan OT 6.05 280 07-Aug-82 22 McMaster
4. BEST, Chris Saskatchewan OL 6.05 305 03-Apr-83 21 Duke
5. PROULX, Matthieu Montreal DB 6.01 210 16-Apr-81 23 Laval
6. LUMSDEN, Jesse Hamilton RB 6.02 226 03-Aug-82 22 McMaster
7. HOFFART, Nathan Saskatchewan SB 6.03 215 19-Jun-82 22 Saskatchewan
8. BWENGE, Alexis BC RB 6.01 229 19-Oct-81 23 Kentucky
9. KACZUR, Nick Toronto OL 6.05 305 28-Jul-79 25 Toledo

Round 2

10. ELLIS, Godfrey Calgary OL 6.02 300 03-Apr-82 22 Acadia
11. FONTAINE, Raymond Toronto LB 6.04 220 09-Jan-80 25 Kentucky
12. PIERCY, Jeff Montreal RB 6.01 233 25-Mar-83 21 Saskatchewan
13. WHITFIELD, Thomas Montreal DB 5.09 190 02-Nov-82 22 Syracuse
14. AUDET, Philippe Toronto DL 6.02 225 17-Sep-81 23 Laval
15. FILICE, Fabio Hamilton OL 6.02 296 16-Jul-81 23 McMaster
16. GAUTHIER, Phillip Montreal DB 6.00 210 10-Jul-80 24 Laval
17. TREMBLAY, Pierre BC OL 6.03 285 12-Sep-81 23 Laval
18. KEEPING, Jeff Toronto SB 6.06 250 19-Jul-82 22 Western Ontario

Round 3

19. COMISKEY, John Calgary OT 6.04 295 17-Nov-80 24 Windsor
20. MULLINGS, Les Ottawa RB 6.01 228 29-Oct-81 23 Saint Mary's
21. KUDU, Matt Saskatchewan DL 6.03 272 02-Nov-81 23 Eastern Michigan
22. O'NEILL, Timothy Edmonton OL 6.03 271 17-Oct-79 25 Calgary
23. BROCHU, Francois Hamilton ST 6.06 236 30-Jan-80 25 Boston College
24. CABRAL, Victor Montreal DT 6.04 262 31-Dec-82 22 Georgia Southern
25. LOWRY, David BC LB 6.03 239 29-Jan-81 24 Alberta
26. PIERRE-LOUIS, Patrick BC LB 6.00 218 28-Mar-82 22 UCLA

Round 4

27. JUKES, Kyler Calgary OL 6.04 280 09-Apr-79 25 Regina
28. HATHAWAY, Cory Ottawa TE 6.04 242 15-Jun-83 21 Tulsa
29. MENNIE, Scott Winnipeg LB 6.01 225 25-Sep-79 25 Manitoba
30. GAGNON-GORDILLO, J.O. Sask. DL 6.03 240 20-Feb-81 23 Eastern Michigan
31. POSTERARO, Anthony Edmonton K 6.02 185 06-Aug-83 21 Graceland
32. STEEVES, Jeremy Hamilton S 6.02 195 24-May-83 21 St. Francis Xavier
33. RAY, Mike Montreal K 5.10 175 20-Oct-81 23 McMaster
34. CLOVIS, Sebastian BC S 6.02 205 01-Sep-79 25 Saint Mary's
35. SMITH, Tye Toronto OL 6.05 325 09-Mar-79 25 Manitoba

Round 5

36. HEWSON, David Calgary DB 6.04 217 09-Jan-82 23 Manitoba
37. BAIRD, Adrian Ottawa DE 6.05 245 15-Jul-79 25 Ottawa
38. LAPOSTOLLE, Martin Winnipeg DL 6.02 280 25-Mar-80 24 Indiana
39. CHERNIAWSKI, Dustin Saskatchewan DB 6.00 202 22-Sep-81 23 UBC
40. LeBLANC, Robert Edmonton SB 6.01 190 28-Sep-83 21 McGill
41. FLEMING, Iain Hamilton SB 6.04 202 10-Jul-82 22 Queen's
42. HUNDEBY, Curt Montreal OL 6.01 285 08-Dec-79 25 Saskatchewan
43. BASSI, Nuvraj BC DT 6.06 295 20-Mar-83 21 Oregon
44. CRAWFORD, Bryan Toronto RB 5.10 213 18-Feb-82 22 Queen's

Round 6

45. RALPH, Brett Calgary WR 6.00 180 Alberta
46. SEMAJUSTE, Lenard Ottawa FB 6.02 250 04-Apr-79 25 Adams State
47. BISSON, Ryan Winnipeg OL 6.04 305 03-Jun-83 21 Northwood University
48. GOTTSELIG, Ryan Saskatchewan DL 6.02 275 04-Mar-83 21 Saskatchewan
49. ECKERT, Adam Montreal WR 5.11 170 Dickinson State
50. PAOPAO, Andrew Hamilton DL 6.02 245 San Jose State
51. MANIGAT, Olivier Montreal OL 6.03 296 23-Feb-82 22 Columbia
52. ORTMANNS, Karl BC OL 6.03 290 04-Mar-81 23 Acadia
53. FORDE, Ian Toronto RB 5.09 180 15-Jul-82 22 Waterloo



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