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Energy drinks may be tainted with prohibited substances.

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Doping in sport has always been a controversial topic. It is in the limelight at the moment with the extensive press coverage of Lance Armstrong and his recent interview confession. Doping affects all levels of Canadian sport and we hope that with a renewed interest in this topic, we can provide some information that will encourage all people in the sport community to continuously think of strategies to address this important issue.

SIRC has compiled articles and links that discuss doping prevention, gene doping, protein supplements and prescription drugs.

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Feature Articles

Doping Prevention

The standards by which athletes measure themselves are so high that only a select few can ever attain them. Blinded by the desire to win, many turn to prohibited products to achieve their goals. The money or recognition at stake, the prestige of the event, and the need to win are increasing factors in high level competition. Athletes can gradually lose sight of their original objectives, such as enjoying themselves, and give in to an all-encompassing desire to win. This increases the likelihood that they will resort to prohibited products.

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Supplementary Articles

Competition Drives Temptation

Accidental breaches of the doping regulations in sport

Sport Supplements: An Anti-Doping Backgrounder

Gene Doping

Some spectacular results from genetic manipulation of laboratory rodents and increasing developments in human gene therapy raise the topic of gene doping in sports. Some of these genetic enhancements, particularly where the genetic modification and its action are confined to the muscles, may be undetectable using current tests. This had lead to exaggerated predictions that gene doping in athletics will be common within the next few years. However, a review of the methods of gene transfer and the current ‘state of the art' in development of genetic treatments for human disease show that the prospects for gene doping remain essentially theoretical at present.

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Supplementary Article

Gene Doping: A Review of Performance-Enhancing Genetics

Making Sense of Fairness in Sports

How safe are supplements?

While health and illness prevention are the main reasons people take supplements, enhanced athletic performance was has also been reported as a strong motivating factor. Generally, females are found to use supplements more frequently and are associated with reasons of health, recovery, and replacing an inadequate diet. Males are more likely to report taking supplements for enhanced performance. Many dietary supplements are highly accessible to young athletes and they are particularly vulnerable to pressures from the media and the prospect of playing sport at increasingly elite levels.

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Supplementary Links

CCES Supplements FAQ

How safe are protein supplements?

Prescription Drugs and Medications

Athletes, like all others, may have illnesses or conditions that require them to take particular medications. If the medication an athlete is required to take happens to fall under the World Anti-Doping Agency’s Prohibited List, a medical exemption may give that athlete the authorization to take the needed medicine. Athletes are not automatically granted authorization, and must ensure they follow the appropriate process for their sport and competition level. Are you taking a prescribed medication that is banned in sport?

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Supplementary Articles

WADA Theraputic Use Exemptions

Managing Prescription Medications in the Athletic Training Room

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