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There were 500 Aboriginal volunteers at the 2006 Saskatchewan First Nation Winter Games
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Aboriginal Sport and Fitness

SIRC is pleased to be collecting articles related to Aboriginal sport and fitness. This past year we identified over 1,200 articles related to sport and various aboriginal topics. The most prominent subjects included sport and social aspects, history, health, culture, games/competitions, women and biographies.

As SIRC continues to build its sport and fitness collection on aboriginal material, we invite you to send us your aboriginal related material to be archived and indexed in the SIRC sport library. In our continuing effort to share resources with the Canadian sport community we are pleased to provide you with a sample of the documents we have been collecting on Aboriginal Sport and physical activity.

Feature Articles

Arctic Winter Games

Now in its third decade of successful operation, the Arctic Winter Games (AWG) constitute culmination of sport, culture, national/regional identity, individual and collective growth, and benefits of sport and cultural performances. These biennial events, involving a number of countries, have many benefits. This article reported findings of the first attempt to address systematically and confirm social benefits of these games. Findings can serve as baseline data for forthcoming events with research emphasizing personal input; documenting personal, social, and community benefits; validating statedpurposes; segmenting gender values; observing the subtle balance between friendly competition and shared cultural values; and capping them with a celebration of winter.

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Photo courtesy and property of 2008 Artic Winter Games Host Society

Classroom Management for Diverse Populations

As the 21st century has arrived, it is evident that our global society has become more diverse. In order to keep up with the changes in society and the numerous experiences that are brought to educational classes by students, physical educators need to know how to meet the needs of their students. This article, therefore, discusses issues that educators should remember when instructing students from different cultural backgrounds.

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Overweight in First Nations Children

Data from the Canadian Census shows that Aboriginal children represent 5.6 per cent of all children in Canada. Children aged 14 and under represent one-third (33.2 per cent) of the Aboriginal population, far higher than the corresponding share of 19 per cent in the non-Aboriginal population. The Census counted 315,685 Aboriginal children aged 14 and under in 2001. Based on current research, up to one-third of these children might be at risk for obesity. The illness and disease expected to result from childhood obesity might be devastating unless preventative measures are taken.

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Photo courtesy and property of 2008 Artic Winter Games Host Society

Resolutions for the Year

Based on new results from the First Nations Regional Longitudinal Health Survey (RHS), we recommend that you may want to consider adding one or more of the following five resolutions this year: lose weight, quit smoking, exercise more, eat a healthier diet and spend more time with family, friends and Elders and participate in your traditions.

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Photo courtesy and property of 2008 Artic Winter Games Host Society

News from SIRC

2008 SIRC Africa Research Award

SIRC invites African university students and faculty to submit their original sport related research for consideration of the 2008 SIRC Africa Research Award.

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SIRC Seminar Series

SIRC Information Session

Speaker: Debra Gassewitz, President and CEO, SIRC

Conference: 2008 Parks and Recreation Ontario Educational Forum and Trade Show

Location: Deerhurst Resort, Huntsville, ON

Date: March 31, 2008

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SIRC is pleased to be able to share the attached articles from the SIRC Collection with you. Please note these articles represent the views of the authors and not necessarily those of SIRC.

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