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The Canada Summer Games - Sherbrooke 2013 will include the participation of over 5000 volunteers.

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Volunteers play an extremely important role in the sport community - without these hard working people, many events simply would not occur. SIRC fully recognizes the value and vital role volunteers contribute every year so that we can continue to build upon our strong tradition of volunteering in sport.

SIRC has compiled articles and links that cover parent coaches, volunteer retention, volunteer motivation, and screening procedures.

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Feature Articles

Volunteer Motivation

What is a volunteers’ motive for participating in a sporting event? Evidence suggests that “enjoyment of being involved” as the paramount reason for volunteering, followed by “gaining more skills and experience” and “being part of an event”. Job satisfaction is a mix of an attitude toward work, belief, feelings, and behavioural orientation. It is also a mood, an emotional response: i.e. like or dislike. There are many variables that contribute to how volunteers feel about job satisfaction and participation that it merits further exploration.

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Supplementary Articles

Volunteer Motivation: What Drives Sports Volunteers?

A Profile of Community Sport Volunteers

Volunteers and Mega Sporting Events

Parent Coaches

It’s difficult to say how many parents coach children’s sports across the country, but according to the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC), about 75,000 adults take coaching certification courses every year for community-level sports. In fact, the CAC coordinates National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) training in 65 sports. In many cases those signing up are volunteers — rookie coaches who have never played the game and offered to coach their little one’s team only because there was no one else to do it. However, there are things to consider before offering your services.

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Supplementary Article

Parent coaches: Be patient, keep it fun 


Sport provides an avenue to learn social responsibilities, leadership skills and confidence for life. All youth sports organizations are different in how they function and how they operate. One similarity is that they all face the same types of issues regarding volunteers. Issues that are of major concern include: budget, fundraising, marketing, and volunteer recruitment and retention. Chief among these concerns is the recruitment and the retention of volunteers. Volunteer coaches do wonderful things in the community that often go unnoticed. It is the work of the past, current, and future volunteers that make youth sports organizations work efficiently.

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Supplementary Links

Volunteer Boards - SIRC October 2012 Newsletter

Volunteer Coach Retention in Youth Sports

Volunteer Management Practices and Volunteer Retention


Volunteers are the foundation of many sport organizations. Volunteers help these organizations achieve their mission and objectives. However, a key challenge for any sport organization is to select volunteers who are competent and contribute to the delivery of service in a safe environment. This booklet outlines the essential steps for screening persons applying to work as volunteers. Organizations should consult the resources at the end of this booklet for more detailed information on how to conduct volunteer screening.

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Supplementary Articles

Sport Volunteer Screening Model


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I'm a volunteer coordinator that is assisting in a marathon that will be held a few months from now. While we provide hydration tables for the athletes, I would like to have information or general guidelines for the volunteers to ensure they stay hydrated while working in the heat.


Vikki B.

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