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Women occupy 19% of the head coach positions and 17% of the athletic director positions in Canadian university sport.

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Women in Sport

The London 2012 Olympic Games marked the first time in history that all countries participating in the Games had women athletes on their teams. As the number of women in sport continues to grow, we look for opportunities to increase that momentum by recognizing female athletes and leaders as influencers in the community. In raising the awareness of women in sport we hope that it will inspire other women to get active and involved as well.

SIRC has compiled articles that cover leadership, coach-athlete relationships, motivation, and knee injuries.

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Feature Articles


It is generally recognized that women are often underrepresented in leadership positions, particularly in sport and recreation. There are numerous governing boards and committees associated with sport organizations throughout Canada. The opportunity exists to encourage women to participate in the leadership of these, and other organizations.

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Supplementary Articles

The Case for more Women on Boards

Coach-Athlete Relationships

Sports are strongly associated with the cultural construction of masculinity, which historically led to the exclusion of girls. If the general consensus across the world of sport is that coaches, clubs, and national-led programs need to take a proactive attitude in order to reverse the trends of early dropout and poor performance in the later teenage years of female athletes, then the current cultural and sociological constraints that are acting on female athletes need to be understood. If parents, coaches, and sports bodies can nurture girls through the transition phase in their sporting careers then the programs, coaching, and resources are in place for them to achieve their full sporting potential.

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Supplementary Article

Training Coaches

Coaches: Soccer and Girls' Self-Esteem


Women and girls often face obstacles to participating in sport and recreation. Fortunately, there are some simple actions that clubs and sporting organisations can take to be more inclusive and, as these actions help to increase participation, they also benefit sporting organisations. The number one way we can help create a more inclusive sporting environment for women and girls is by considering their needs and being sensitive to the obstacles they face, which could be as simple as ensuring there are clean, workable change rooms and a place to socialize, or may relate to such issues as concerns about self-image, gender inequality and lack of opportunities.

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Supplementary Links

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation in Sport: An Analysis of Gender Differences

Sport Motivation of Professional Women Football Players

Knee Injuries

Each year, over 25,000 high-school and middle-school female athletes and 13,000 female college athletes will suffer anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries. The ACL is the ligament in the middle of the knee, and it is the primary stabilizer of the knee and the tibia. It is a broad cord (narrower in females) that restricts the tibia from sliding forward and stops excessive rotation at the knee. ACL tears are likely to happen when the athlete tries to pivot, twist, cut, land a jump, or “stop-jump,” and creating too much shear force on the ACL, resulting in forward slippage of the tibia.

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Supplementary Articles

Why Are Knee Injuries Common in Female Athletes?

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury Prevention for Female Athletes


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Dear SIRC:

Q: Women's only runs seem to be gaining some popularity lately, could you provide me with a list of women only runs in Canada?

A: There are many runs that are happening across Canada that are for women only and there are plenty of articles and links to check out if you are looking for more information.

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