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Children should not go longer than 60 minutes without physical activity unless they are asleep.

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Sport for Life

Participation in sport and physical activity is extremely important for the development and the health of your child. We all know this, yet obesity rates are climbing and children spend more time in front of screens than they ever have before. For this and many other reasons, SIRC supports the sport for life movement and its principles for Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD), fundamental movement and physical literacy. Sport and physical activity is meant to be fun and enjoyable for all ages. With the Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L) summit taking place from January 30-31, this newsletter will be focusing on different aspects of sport for life in support of this organization.

SIRC has compiled articles on active play, youth development, physical literacy, and encouraging your kids to have fun in their chosen sports.

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Feature Articles

Why is Active Play so Important?

Young children need regular, vigorous, physical activity (active play) to develop and grow properly. This vigorous activity helps bones and muscles become stronger. Active play also builds important connections in the brain, and between the brain and children’s muscles. These brain connections help children when they start school and begin to play more organized games with other children.

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Supplementary Articles

Postive Play with Children

Youth Development

Both informal and formal sports contribute significantly to youth player development in physical, cognitive, social and emotional domains. Coaches, parents and players should understand that structured activities, as well as unstructured activities, contribute positively to youth player development. As a result, recognizing these benefits will assist coaches in finding a happy medium between structured and unstructured activities for appropriate youth player development.

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Supplementary Article

Exploring the '5Cs' of Positive Youth Development in Sport

Physical Activity for Youth with Developmental Disabilities

Physical Literacy

The “Learning to Train” stage of the Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L) framework is a vital part of developing physical literacy in children. This article outlines the importance of this stage, and offers insights and guidance to coaches, teachers, parents/guardians, recreation leaders, youth leaders and other adults responsible for children’s activities and sports programming, as they work to promote physical literacy in girls aged 8 – 11 and boys aged 9 – 12.

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Supplementary Links

What is the Relationship Between Physical Education and Physical Literacy?

Encouraging Kids to have Fun

Today, many kids are encouraged to specialize in a particular sport as early as four or five. This trend is often attributed to parents who are hoping to turn their kid into sports 'next big thing.' Coaches also frequently play a role in training athletes to devote all their efforts to one sport. These pressures are fueled by the misconception that this type of extreme training is how you become an exceptional athlete. But oftentimes, what these parents and coaches don't realize is that by encouraging specialization at such a young age, they are putting the athlete's long-term development in jeopardy.

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Supplementary Articles

Game of Fitness

How Parents can Encourage Girls to Play Sport


News from SIRC

CS4L National Summit 2013

The 2013 Canadian Sport for Life National Summit will take place January 30 - 31, 2013 at the Hilton Lac-Leamy Hotel, in Gatineau-Ottawa, Canada.


At this year's summit, SIRC will have our Resource Centre on-site so come by and say hello.

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SIRC 2013 Research Award

SIRC is proud to announce the official launch of the 2013 SIRC Research Award.

SIRC Invites Canadians associated with a Canadian University or degree granting institution to submit their original sport related research for consideration of the 2013 SIRC Research Award.

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Currently my 9 year old daughter is enrolled in Acrobats twice a week and she loves it. A few weeks ago we were given the option to "go pro", which involves a lot of extra work and more classes. Do you have any information or articles on sport specialization?


Melanie B.

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