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By 2050, the number of centenarians is projected to rise to 4.1 million.

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Active Aging

Active aging is important to all of us. While we all have different ideas of what defines successful aging, many wish to be happy, healthy, and actively engaged in our communities well into our later years. With a growing aging population it’s even more essential that we promote an active, healthy lifestyle for Canadian adults.

SIRC has compiled articles that give advice on keeping your brain sharp, active travel, eating right and aging well.

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      • What is suspension training and how is it useful?
Feature Articles

Staying Sharp

We all know people who seem to blossom after 50, and others who have stayed sharp well into old age. How do they do it? What can we learn from their experience? What are the secrets to maintaining our mental edge? Brain researchers are working hard to find the answers—and there is good news: how we live our lives each and every day can make a difference in how our brain ages. The lifestyle choices we make, the activities we pursue, the friendships we maintain and even the foods we eat.

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Supplementary Articles

Boost your Brain Health!

Brain Fitness: As Important as Body Fitness

Active Travel

You don't have to go to Europe or even across the country to experience the benefits of travel. A weekend at a nearby city, a visit to the state capitol with your local college's senior education program, a bike ride to a winery, or a bus trip to a downtown museum are just a few of many possibilities, all offering intellectual stimulation, lasting memories, and new friendships. And with families spread out around the country and the world, travel is an important way to stay connected with children, grandchildren, and other loved ones.

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Supplementary Article

Savvy Senior Travelers  

Adventure Travel and the Older Adult  

Eating Right for Aging Gracefully

The news is good. Canadian seniors age 65 and over are living longer than ever before. Well after they retire, they are continuing to participate in their communities and to enjoy satisfying, energetic, well-rounded lives with friends and family. However, recent surveys investigating the eating and exercise habits of Canadians – age 65 to 84 – reveal that seniors could be doing even better.

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Supplementary Links

Nutrition Needs of Senior Athletes

Aging Well

One of the most remarkable achievements of modern history is the increase in human longevity. Since 1900, life expectancy in industrialized countries has risen by 30 years, so that we can now expect to live for 80 years and more. While today nearly 900 million people are over the age of 60 in a global population of 7 billion, this number will reach 2.4 billion by 2050. Such changes have personal consequences for individual lives to which societies and communities and families have not yet adapted. To capitalize on the new promise of longevity, we need to re-envision our lives and what “aging well” means.

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Supplementary Articles

How To Be Healthy: 4 Behaviors Critical To 'Successful' Aging


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Q: I've heard that suspension training can be good for older adults, can you provide me with some resources that give me a bit of an overview on what it is and how it may be useful?

A: Suspension exercise is a relatively new trend that is effective for injury rehabilitation, balance, stability, muscle strength and joint stability.

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